Capacity Development

Capacity Development

Sustainable Capacity Development (CD) is one of the crucial tools needed to strengthen the capacities and skills already existing. Since its establishment in 2009, the CDBE project has worked in the field of Capacity Development on the Political Macro Level. The support of the development and implementation of a “Strategy for improved communication and cooperation in a decentralized education system” helped to increase accountability, transparency and public participation. In this context a major, high-level CD-programme (TalkOn) was developed and reached more than 60 key acteurs from MEST and MEDs.
To further build upon the developed and strengthened skills, the project will be implementing further CD-Interventions in its current Project Phase: one focus is the support to  the development of the new Kosovo Education Strategy Plan. This crucial Strategic Policy Document will build the basis for all further interventions and achievements within the Education System in the period of 2017 until 2021.

Access to information is an important element to strengthen accountability and transparency.  The availability of reliable education data was improved by training and on-the-job coaching on central, municipal and school level; as a result a new annual education monitoring report, based on international education indicators is being produced.
To enhance the public debate CDBE trained interested journalists in investigative education journalism and government spokespersons in strengthening media relations. CDBE supported the Association of Kosovo Journalists in the implementation of an “Award for education journalism” in 2013 and 2014. CDBE also supported civil society organizations to implement events for public debate on education topics in the pre-election period.
Two high ranking, international conferences drew attention to central challenges and qualified the expert debate.

The 21-day training course for school directors, senior teachers and MED-staff has been extremely successful and is implemented nationwide; first experiences with a market product (i.e. against fee) look promising. The successful completion of this course is by now a legally binding pre-qualification for the nomination as a school-director.

To improve the management on municipal level and in schools it is important to enforce integrated planning between those levels: schools have qualified their annual planning and monitoring by applying the improved School Development Plan/SDP;.  The linkage between the  needs, potentials and plans of schools on one side and the policy decisions handed down from the MEST to MEDs and schools, the available budget and common objectives on the other side have to be integrated to increase impact, accountability and transparency.

Finally CDBE started to support the Education Commission of the Parliament of the Republic of Kosovo.

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