Learning Communities

Learning Communities

The Learning Communities are the flagship of a broader networking approach followed by CDBE.

In order to mobilize peer-learning CDBE developed the concept of Learning Communities: a groups of 4-5 schools form one community, one of them being the Mentor school, the others cooperating schools. The mentor school was selected based on students´ performance, quality of their planning process etc.  The Learning Communities bind together the school directors, teachers, parents and students of the schools: teachers and school directors develop an annual Action Plan for their cooperation, monitoring showed that the vast majority of activities were also implemented. The work of LC is characterized by mutual give-and – take. The schools are willing to share their experiences and ideas and exchange those among them.

The functioning of the School Governing Boards/SGB is supported by trainings for school directors, teachers and parents members of SGB on tasks and responsibilities on the decision making processes. In cooperation with Kosovo Youth Council students of the grades 6-9 are informed and empowered to conduct the election process and take their seat in the SGB.
Evaluations on the quality of school management showed impressively better results for those schools that participate in a Learning Community.

The major challenge is to get parents and wider community involved in the school on a regular basis.

The number on Learning Communities will be expanded and the concept further developed.

In order to activate the communication between teachers and school directors, a rep. Facebook page was established. While the school directors seem to be more hesitant in the usage, the teachers engage heavily: the Facebook-page reaches out to more than 8.000 teachers and there is a vivid exchange of material and ideas.

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