Kick Off event on National Report PISA 2015

Kick Off event on National Report PISA 2015

Kick Off event on National Report PISA 2015

09 April 2016

(Taken from MEST web-site)

Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MEST), supported by the German Cooperation (GIZ), has held today Kick Off meeting on National Report Pisa 2015, as a starting point for reflection and discussion.

On this occasion, Deputy Minister, Ms. Anila Statovci-Demaj, mentioned the fact that Kosovo as a country with a very young population, for the first time has participated in the National Student Assessment in 2015 and the results of this test are expected to be published at the end of this year.

Meanwhile, regarding the National Report PISA, Ms. Statovci-Demaj emphasised that this report shows to all of us where does our education system stands compared with the world and highlighted the importance of this information as very valuable for the future of our children and education system.

“This report shows us what are the problems and challenges of the education system in the Republic of Kosovo on which we all should focus starting from students, teachers and going up to the policy makers, in order to increase the quality in our education system. This is our main objective: to offer a qualitative education system in the Republic of Kosovo”, said the deputy minister, who continued to explain the process of PISA.

Meanwhile, first secretary of the German Embassy in Pristina Ms. Henriette Kötter by emphasizing the importance of the International assessment said that this assessment ensures identification of strengths and weaknesses of the education system, and offer an opportunity to countries to create qualitative and comprehensive education system.

Ms. Kötter stressed that the German Government, through the GIZ will continue to support this process till the end, which process can also identify new areas of cooperation.

The international expert for PISA, Ms. Simone Bloem has argued why it is important to have a national report for this assessment process along with the international one, in order to use PISA in a constructive way to improve the quality of education and develop the education system.

Tringa Krasniqi, one of the 15 years old students who had an opportunity to be subjected to PISA test, has advised the students who will be subjected to the next test in 2018, to learn systematically in order to achieve good results for Kosovo.


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