GIZ/CDBE Planning Workshop

GIZ/CDBE Planning Workshop

The GIZ project “ Capacity Development for the Basic Education Sector/CDBE”, which is part of the German  support to the reform  in the Education Sector in Kosovo, on 2nd and 3rd March 2017 has organized a planning workshop for project planning activities for the following year.

This planning is made possible with the participation  and contribution of all stakeholders including MEST representative, Parliamentary Committee for Education, MEDs, AKM Collegium of Education, School Directors, as well as representatives from other educational institutions, development partners and civil society organizations.

This workshop has been a very important moment to present and discus the result of the project achieved in 2016 and the general plan of activities of the GIZ/CDBE project for the year 2017.

Working groups have had the opportunity to reflect on the key steps presented by the GIZ/CDBE project, as well as to further concretize this plan with their proposal.

GIZ/CDBE thanks all participants of the workshop for their participation and contribution.

Photos from the workshop

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