Journalism Training

Journalism Training

Between Wednesday, 26th of July, – and Friday, 28th of July, CDBE has successfully held a three day training with journalists from Albanian, Serbian and Roma TVs, printed and online media of Kosovo  called Standards in Education Journalism.

The workshop was moderated by Ms. Sonila Sand – expert of Deutsche Welle Academy from Bonn, Germany and Ms. Lidija Tomic – expert of Deutsche Welle Academy from Belgrade, Serbia.






During the three day workshop, experts lectured about journalistic skills and tools and also discussed current challenges in education with the participants. As a part of the workshop, national experts were invited to present their work and discuss the process of reforming the education sector in Kosovo and the role of NGO`s in this regard. Besa Shahini from Education Plenum and Rron Gjinovci from ORCA have shared and discussed their work and ideas.

Regarding the education sector, participants have managed to identify different topics that they will now work on in smaller groups. These will then be presented to the experts in the second session of the workshop, which will take place in September 2017.





In line with the above mentioned activity, GIZ CDBE is supporting the Association of Journalists of Kosovo for the Education Media Prize Award 2017.

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