RTK morning show of the Campaign for Better Education in Kosovo

RTK morning show of the Campaign for Better Education in Kosovo

Morning Guest in the RTK TV –  Dr. Boris Scharlowski & Alberta Alihajdari.

Link : RTK morning show

Published on Nov 1, 2017

Representatives of the GIZ Dr. Boris Scharlowski and Ms. Alberta Alihajdari have been invited in the RTK morning show to discuss more about the Launching event Campaign for Better Education in Kosovo.

Education is not only a human right, but at the same time it needs a strong commitment by the whole society. And this is the reason, why the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology together with all major donors and civil society organisations involved in improving the quality in basic education have joined forces in order to launch the Campaign for Better Education in Kosovo.

Kosovo’s children and youth are the greatest asset of the country and therefore the whole society has to ensure that they are provided with the opportunities they deserve. Because, todays’ education is shaping the future of Kosovo’s children and thus contributes to the further economic situation of Kosovo. Only a skilled youth can foster Kosovo’s economy and create future perspectives.

Hence, the objective of this campaign is not only to raise awareness but we all want to contribute to concrete societal change. We want to make a relevant contribution to make necessary reforms happen. Therefore, all of us dedicated to the improvement of the educational system have to push the education system towards the desired direction we want in the future.

This can only happen if Kosovo’s Government makes education the number one priority. This means increasing the education budget. An increase of 2% GDP per capita in education, per year, would ensure that in 5 years Kosovo catches up with the average OECD spending.

The increase of this public budget shall be used to increase the quality of education in Kosovo, namely by spending money in well trained teachers and internationally competitive textbooks, both outcomes of the PISA report. Furthermore, good schools need the involvement of everyone, including parents and students. Therefore community engagement in school governing boards needs to be strengthened to monitor and provide accountability for better quality in education.

And, as being stated by the UN Sustainable Development Goals, good and inclusive school systems leave no child behind. This means in every school we need a professional team to provide support to all children, regardless how disadvantaged or marginalized they are.

Taking all this into consideration, personally, I would like to invite all of you to join forces. Children are the future of this country.

Together, we can make their education better. Education is in our hands.



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