“Excellency Initiative – Inclusive Municipality”

“Excellency Initiative – Inclusive Municipality”

On 27th November 2018, the presentation took place of the Needs Assessments and Implementation Plans of the Municipalities of Gjakove / Dakovica, Obiliq / Obilic, Podujeve / Podujevo, and Shtime / Shtimlje.

The Needs Assessments and Implementation Plans for educational reintegration and social inclusion of repatriated children, ethnic minorities, especially of Roma, Ashkali, and Egyptians, and children with special educational needs were developed together with municipal and civil society representatives to identify needs and priorities and stakeholders’ roles.

These documents shall serve to support existing strategies and policies on a local level and further enhance GIZ CDBE activities’ measures of Cross Sector Collaboration and Community Mediation.

The initiative aims to provide technical support to selected municipalities for the development of an inclusive municipality, with the special focus on education, which can serve as a nationwide model of an example of excellency.

GIZ technical support to four selected municipalities is envisioned until 2020 based on the provision of commissioning funds.

This activity is part of the GIZ project “Capacity Development in Basic Education in Kosovo/CDBE” – within the component on educational inclusion of returnees and ethnic minorities, which is part of the German Cooperation support to the Kosovo education sector reform.

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